Central Monitoring Station

Central Monitoring Station is the well known concept for security in all over the world but it’s a new era to Indian security Management Solution.  EGB Advanced Security Systems is bringing the most advanced central monitoring station and cutting edge technology in security arena.

Central Monitoring Station is a 24 hr. operational station manned by trained staff & equipped with customized computer program to identify the area of intrusion and help the operator with necessary information in split seconds of the detail of the clients so that appropriate & adequate action is initiated by the CMS staff to dispatch the Mobile Rapid Response Team in the shortest possible time. Rapid Response Team would constitute a healthy mobile vehicle with armed security personnel equipped with Communication System. This team would be trained to handle emergencies ranging from intrusions to fire & medical. Under radio intrusions of city road maps from the control room this team would reach the effected site in the shortest possible time to provide assistance.

Process Flow of CMS:

  • Signals send to the CMS through the security systems by means of telephone/GPRS/RF
  • The system acts as a link between the home and police, fire department & emergency response authorities
  • The system is operated by highly skilled operators 24X7 to respond the emergencies
  • After receiving the signal, the station operator will alert the necessary authorities