Security services via central monitoring station. Secondly, we are a CSAA registered organization with all our employees and security personnel trained by experts from CSAA. We adhere to all international standards in the security arena.

The following are some of the highlights of our central monitoring station:

  • Very little human intervention
  • Sophisticated electronic security systems
  • 99% fail proof and highly reliable systems
  • Very affordable packages
  • CSAA trained operators
  • ISO certification
  • Service of international standards and high business ethics


Each security package comes with a unique insurance scheme which compensates for any loss that occurs during the contract period. Although we guarantee 99.9% reliability, if any untoward incident happens due to unavoidable circumstances, the company will assist the customer in claiming the insurance sum from the insurer.

Private guards

We have team of private guards that are well trained to tackle any kind of emergency situation that may arise. Within minutes of confirmation of any untoward happenings in the premises, our private guards will arrive at the venue and promptly take the necessary action, such as calling the police, fire department or ambulance and informing the owner of the premises. This facility is as of now available only at Chennai and would soon be extended to other parts of the nation.

Sequential Alarm Verification:

Efficient, accurate alarm verification is crucial to the success of any security monitoring service. EGB’s reliable alarm monitoring solutions help service providers significantly reduce the high costs of false alarms. This alarm verification method is based on using sequential alarms from two, separate detectors to determine whether a break-in has occurred. Two alarms received within a short period of time confirm the high probability of a genuine or attempted break-in.

The first alarm signal (unconfirmed alarm) is generated when the intruder penetrates the building and activates a detector. If the movements activate another detector or device, a second (confirmed alarm) signal is sent to the monitoring station. Only then response team reacts to the alarm and takes necessary action towards it.

Scheduled testing:

EGB Advanced Security Systems your system can be set to regularly check in with our system. If there is any problem our service department can contact you and help diagnose the problem.

Contents of our package

Our standard security package would contain the following:

  • Control panel
  • Motion Detector (PIR)
  • Shock | Vibration Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Door contact | magnetic sensor
  • GPRS module
  • Wireless key fobs
  • Smoke sensors

As of now we do not offer video capturing, however you can soon expect video capturing and surveillance as part of our package to the needy customers.

24hrs Communication:

EGB Advanced Security Systems provides 24 hours monitoring and communication service. Fully trained customer care & dispatch team is available for your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Server Backup:

Our Central Monitoring Station has highly redundant alarm processing servers and dual back-up power generators for 24Hours uninterrupted monitoring solution.

Power backup

Our Central Monitoring Station has complete self sustenance, when it comes to the power needs. Amicably located in the heart of Chennai City, we have a continuous power supply and also with an emergency power supply that allows the central monitoring station to function ceaselessly round the clock. Our backup power supply far exceeds any minimal requirements and can run for extended periods of time. In the event of power failure for longer periods, the emergency power generator is capable of supplying power continuously to the central monitoring station indefinitely.

Customer care

EGB advance security systems being the only recognized organization in the country to offer burglary prevention, fire alarm, and tracking services via central monitoring station; we have designed our security packages in such a way to cater to the needs of every type of customer. While those who opt for standard packages would get the security systems installed within 24 hours, we also provide customized services to those that have special requirements. Apart from the well trained installation and maintenance team, we also have an excellent customer care department that can instantly provide you with answers for your queries.