Central Monitoring Station:

EGB Advanced Security Systems have the highly automated and sophisticated central monitoring station offers 24 hours monitoring service. Our complete solution includes Electronic Alarm System, Remote Central Monitoring & Response Service. Our wide array of visual and audio alarm verification solutions incorporate in our proven security systems, detectors, integrated cameras and other peripherals. Advanced technologies enable us to accurately assess the situation inside customers’ homes or office before responding. We provide complete security service when you need it and wherever you need it.

Private guard service

EGB Advanced Security Systems dispatch team has young and energetic team of personnel for private guard service. Our team of highly trained professional guards will tackle any situation. As soon as our central monitoring station detects any unwanted intrusion in your premises, our private security guards will come to your aid within minutes to ward off any untoward incidents.

Private Guards are equipped with Smart Phone, First Aid kid and Self- Protection Weapon

Basic Training Program Provided by EGB includes training on Physical Aspects, Professional Knowledge and Skills, People Skills, Positive Attitude and Environmental Training

EGB also offers in-house training forDiscipline, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Courtesy, Responsibilityand Hard-Work

Security Products Distribution:

EGB Advanced Security Systems is offering Intrusion/Burglar and Fire Alarm systems, Asset Tracking System, Vehicle Tracking system, Individual Tracking System along with Geo Fencing Technology. Also offers Electronic Security Systems like Access Control, Fire Alarm, CCTV, PAS and Data Centre Security Systems like Gas Based Fire Suppression system, Rodent Repellent system, VESDA, Water leak detection system and Fire fighting systems like Hydrants, Wet-risers and Sprinklers. EGB Advanced Security Systems’ products are procured from world’s leading brands.

Intrusion Alarm Systems – Honeywell, DSC, Tyco, Bentel,

Fire Alarm Systems – Honeywell, Ravel, Kentec Hochiki, GST, Morley

Access Control Systems – Honeywell, Siemens

CCTV – Hikvision, Samsung,, HISAAP

IP Camera/IP CCTV :  Honeywell, DVtel, Sony, Pelco

PAS – Bosch, Ateis

VESDA– Xtralis

Server Room System, water leak detection, rodent repellant, Gas Suppression solutions , Fire Fighting systems: Hydrants, sprinklers and wet risers also offered

Electronic System Integration:

EGB Advanced Security Systems provides high quality and customized security systems and also cater to their unique requirements. Our offer include complete range of electronic security products and video surveillance services such as site survey, system specifications, installations, network surveillance, system performance measurements and service. EGB offer turnkey solutions for all kinds of electronic security, video surveillance and fire safety needs of businesses, across all verticals.

Tracking services

EGB Advanced Security Systems offers benevolent tracking services that help you in keeping a watchful eye on your loved ones and track assets. Tracking services include kids, adults, handicapped, elderly, sick people and pets who need constant attention. Our state of the art technology in tracking will be of great help to you if you are being troubled by your conscience due to the various roles you have to juggle in your busy life.  Tracking services can be

  • Individual Tracking Service
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Asset Tracking Service
  • Vehicle Tracking